Music Video: Young Verse - Carlton Rap

Who doesn't love The Carlton? A 4k music video, generating over 400,000 views in just two days, done in three shots!

Our dancer, Carrie, would come out and perform her dance in one take. Right after she was finished, I was hanging out a hatchback and would yell for the driver to start moving. Young Verse would come in, while the music was playing, and say his lines. 

This was made possible largely because of 4k. Because we down-scaled to 1080p and kept the camera angle wide, I had the ability to punch into shots up to 2x the zoom, without a real loss in resolution. This, along with some good editing and stock effects, made it possible for the video to look as if it was shot by multiple cameras. 

At the end of our limited amount of takes, I got a few slow motion shots to add later as fillers. The whole shoot took less than an hour to film. The dancer knew exactly what she was going to do and Young Verse had everything memorized with a strong idea of how he was going to move.

In the end I think this video proves that BRANDING and continuously producing content to view, is what generates a following, something I intend to get better at. Young Verse has been doing this for many years now and it shows. We dropped the video December the 19th and in 2 hours it had over 40,000 views. In just 11 hours it had over 100,000 views. It was fun, easy and a blast putting this thing together.