GH4 - Best From Around The Web

So before I purchased my DSLR body, I surfed the web extensively to see what would be best for my needs. I settled with the GH4. Below are what I personally think are the best videos about it from around the web. If you're considering one, these videos will answer ANY questions you have. 

Philip Bloom

Wow.. just an inspiring guy who makes magic with the tools at his disposal. He's an example of showing you what's possible with a camera, hard work and paying attention to detail. This video is VERY in-depth on the GH4 and will be sure to answer a ton of questions you might not even have thought to ask.

Tom Antos

Tom Antos is a pretty legit dude and definitely a gadget whore (I mean that in the best way possible). There's a good chance that if you've thought about it, he's tried it. I enjoy his energy and willingness to make things happen, then capture it and give that information back. He's like the filmmaking maltaannon (if you even know who that is). The thing about this video I really enjoyed was the added information he gave about how he uses his settings/profiles for the GH4. Originally I was shooting in a mode that showed a lot of grain at 800 for my ISO. Once I adjusted using his recommendations, I was able to combat that a lot. That, in itself, made this video well worth it. 

DSLR Video Shooter

Caleb Pike is an exceptional dude. He's really managed to find solid ground as to what works and what doesn't as a videographer. I'm constantly checking his advice and he's been responsible for many of my purchases. Basically if he gives it the thumbs up, most times for me it's a go. Just like Philip Bloom, this guy put his heart into his review and it shows. If you're considering the GH4, I wouldn't pass on this video at all. 

Dave Dugdale

Dave is just a good guy, hands down. I enjoy his humble approach to teaching. How he does his best to understand and if he isn't sure, he makes note of it to where you can hear. That said, he knows his stuff so don't let it fool you. This is a great video where he also uses the GH4 to teach you about wielding different types of camera options. It's a great and well made.


Griffin Hammond

Lets just assume you've purchased the GH4 already :P Here's an excellent video to show you how to setup your camera so you can get right to shooting ASAP! 

Why I Chose the GH4:

The Skinny:

  • 4k
  • 1080p @ 96fps (max) 
  • Various frame rates
  • Multiple controls (zebra, focus peaking, etc)
  • Long battery life
  • Under $2,000
  • Incredible detail
  • No morie (4k)
  • Nice dynamic range


  • Micro Four Thirds adds a 2x zoom to lenses
  • A good speed booster (making your camera APS-C) will cost $400+ (Metabones)
  • Doesn’t do well in low light situations


In all I love my GH4. At first it was a toss up between a Sony a7S and the GH4. After much time spent online I decided to save close to a thousand dollars, allowing me to get other gear I very much needed. Plus it has 4k, multiple frame rates and a wealth of controls. The a7 has horrible rolling shutter, which was something I couldn’t overlook. I very much wanted it’s amazing low light capabilities but I figured with the type of shooting I do, the GH4 was a much wiser purchase. By the end of 2015, however, I will most likely have an a7S or something comparable. 

I also decided against Canon because they've continued to not upgrade their models enough that makes filmmakers happy (though that could change if enough of us jump ship). When you've got cameras like Panasonic's GH4, Sony’s a7S and other filming alternatives within a lower price range, it’s hard to see Canon DSLR’s as an option (though the C100, if given the budget, seems like an excellent choice). 

These, of course, are just my opinions. Take as you will :)