Piet & Sara's Wedding

So I had the pleasure of filming Piet and Sara Wilhelms wedding over at Stinchcomb Mansion in Broken Arrow, OK. We had two shooters, myself and Bryce Riedesel over at Nautilus. I was, of course, using my GH4 with preamp and shotgun mic in combination with a monopod and follow focus. Bryce had his 5d Mark iii with a steady cam and vest arm. I used a 35mm Rokinon Lens and He had a canon 50mm prime.

The wedding, filming wise, went pretty well. Shooting at the location proved to be a little difficult given the lighting circumstances. Harsh light with trees covering, so pockets of strong light peaked through in unpredictable places. Indoor lighting was difficult, at the mansion, with LED's that flickered and pretty low light (which is expected at a wedding (which really makes me want to purchase a Sony A7s)). Also, at the salon, there were big windows with daylight coming though and incandescent lighting all through the inside. Though I have to say, both locations were beautiful! These are just some of the things you can expect to see when filming.

In all I believe this video shows what is possible with knowing your limitations and working with what you've got. Given the circumstances, I couldn't be happier with the video! We worked hard and the time spent ended up paying off, I believe.