Photoshoot w/ Limited Gear

Model: Yaremi Farinas

On Location, My Gear:

  • Panasonic GH4
  • Rokinon 35mm Prime
  • C - Stand
  • Triple Header
  • Alzo 3000 (2)
  • 5-1 Reflector/Diffuser  

Shoot Raw!

I usually shoot all my photos RAW which is typically a good idea whenever you're doing post because there is way more information there. If you've ever taken a photo of someone and in the background is all white instead of clouds, this is what you'll end up having to keep if it isn't a RAW image. With RAW images, you're able to bring back a lot more detail and exposure from that extra information stored on the file. 

My Process:

  1. RAW image
  2. Color Correction and Grading
  3. News Flag Layout
  4. News Flag Tweaks
  5. Original Flag
  6. News Flag Added
  7. News Flag Color Corrected
  8. Final Image


Though I had a 5 in 1 which can be used as a diffuser to put her in a shadow with soft light passing through, I had the best softbox/diffuser I know of.. clouds!

Overcast days are much easier shoots, typically. We call it the softbox in the sky! This day wasn't overcast but partially cloudy. Being patient, I was able to get her in those ever so soft shadows and then used my two Alzo 3000's as fill light, which we plugged into an outlet right outside a Jimmy John's. One of the workers, probably 17, was a little star struck, I'm sure, and offered me a sandwich to give to her.. lolz funny kids, can't complain.

Though straightforward, the head shots turned out pretty nice and my model was happy with the end results. In post, when I was done correcting each photo individually, I pulled them all up side by side and did some additional correcting so that each shot matched as far as skin tone and dress color was concerned.