Using Adobe Mobile Apps Together

There is a lot you can do with online and mobile devices. I know, I know, you don't have as much control and it can keep you from really taking your projects to that next level. I understand completely BUT I wouldn't be writing that if there wasn't a but.. Take for instance reviews, traveling / vacation, having limited equipment, not wanting to carry around a DSLR and Laptop to do your editing, the excuses can go on and on. This is why I'm beginning to love what Adobe is doing with their mobile apps so let me explain. I purchased a cheap GoPro knockoff with WiFi for $45. I thought "why not?" Well, the quality is poor but that's not the point! (there is actually an affordable knockoff that does a good job for around $100, the SJ4000)

Tek Action Cam

The camera's quality is pretty poor and has a time and date stamp I can't seem to remove from the cameras menus. Again just forget about the camera :) I started with the Tek Action Cam which came with a waterproof case, two batteries, a 16gb card and plenty of accessories. For $45 new, not bad.


Film Using iPhone As Remote Shutter

With my iPhone connected to my Camera's WiFi, I used it as a remote shutter and went filming some misc B-Roll. So far I'm doing good, haven't touched a DSLR / Laptop or computer yet. Nor have I used any Adobe products either but you get where I'm going, so lets continue..

Editing Video With My iPhone

After capturing what I feel is enough footage, I download the clips I like to my phone and began editing with Adobe Clip. It's not the best but hey, it works and I can get some basic edits completed.

Lightroom / Fix / Thumbnail Editing

This was a really interesting process for me. I took some photos in this fold out light box I have, Foldio, very handy. Since I have the smaller version, it was hard to get everything I needed with an all white background. Introducing PhotoshopFix. I opened the problem photos inside the app and selected the areas that needed to be filled with the "healing brush" and with some minor tweaking they were removed. After that, I took them into "Lightroom" on my mobile device and made some minor adjustments (exposure / contrast / shadows / highlights / color temp / clarity). For my thumbnail, which you can view in the video at the bottom of this page, I used "Adobe Post" which is AMAZING! Basically I can browse through templates and font / thumbnail styles (with many types of social media apps crop sizes) and tweak away! I actually prefer this now, over Photoshop, for thumbnails just because of how fast and effective it is.

The Outcome

I was able to shoot / take stills, edit, color correct, design and make this blog post (via Squarespace), all without touching a laptop / desktop or DSLR. That's pretty amazing in itself. Technology has come a long ways. When browsing this blog, mistakes might be more noticeable but the take away is it's very possible and it's only going to get better. All you really need is a cell phone and perhaps a tablet to finesse a blog post on your webpage and boom, update done. Too legit :)