Great Video With An iPhone?

The 2016 Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival in Tulsa, OK was a blast! I went out there with my run and gun GH4 rig, a slider and an iPhone.. Yes, an iPhone.. 

How does that make sense? It's simple, I purchased this smart phone gimbal for only $230 along with FiLMiC Pro. Now before I go any further, don't get me wrong, I know a mirrorless / DSLR camera paired with some fast glass and an ND filter can create some nice and rich shots with a shallow depth of field AND I DO OWN A GIMBAL that can house that very same GH4 I used.. but that's not the point.

Most videographers know when filming a live event with limited crew, it's usually not in your best interest to keep switching rigs / setups a lot. With my larger gimbal, I would have to set it up on some stands, attached the GH4 and make sure it was balanced, all while hoping I didn't miss any amazing shots by X Ambassadors or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

With this little smart phone and gimbal I'm able to know what shots I'm looking for, pull it right out of my side pocket and in a matter of seconds I'm up and running! Most of us have smart phones capable of capturing pretty decent footage, If we know how to use it. Having the fluid movement of a gimbal can really give your smart phone some extra weight next to the bigger toys.. and all you had to do was spend an extra $200+ to add that much more quality to your projects. You're welcome :)