Illuminate Light Leaks = Killer Bundle!

After shooting another wedding then editing, color correcting and finally grading I realize how tired I am of going through the same light leaks. Okay so it's probably time to re-up on some new ones but where? Coincidentally I get spammed with an add on facebook..

RocketStock's Illuminate package is KILLER! You get 120 4k light leaks and transitions that are just beautiful and flow so well. 

Once I realized what I got, I had an absolute blast going though everything in the bundle which I partially blame for going over my deadline a couple hours.. but when you love your job then these are good problems. 

Clean cuts from bright to transparent, multiples styles, plenty of color options, the list just goes on. It made my wedding video go from great to even better but don't take my word for it, judge for yourself! 

Of course they haven't paid me a dime to write this but RocketStock if you want, I'm willing to test more ;) Considering the price ($40 approx.) and especially the caliber of their bundle, I have yet to see it be beat by a competitor and I've used my fair share. Below are some snapped thumbnails for you to check out, enjoy!