The Trip

We pretty much set out with a crew of around seven people including the long boarder, David. We traveled to Hinton and Lawton, OK. we were probably on the road for about 7 hours. Left around 9am and didn't get back till around 3am. It was very fun having a larger crew than normal with several cameras to cover plenty of b-roll.

Things Learned

Having a bigger crew is nice but it also draws a lot of attention. Something that might even be just a fun project now gets a lot of unwanted interference, notably being kicked out of places where people typically frequent without any issues. That aside (and an insane amount of b-roll) it's cool to go out with a bunch friends and make a video happen. It's nice to get peoples takes on perspectives and to see everyone use their own little set-up. 

Gear Used

  • Canon 5D mark iii (x2)
  • Canon 7D
  • GoPro Hero3 (x2)
  • Slider
  • Steady Cam