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Many of us have little to no knowledge of what is involved in the process of producing a video from concept to completion. However, video is one of the most beneficial methods of sharing a story or message with the world! Whether you are hoping to create a micro-documentary to share your story or an informational commercial to advertise your business, hiring a video production company can aid you in your efforts.

Hiring a Tulsa video production company may seem like a daunting task. How does one narrow the candidates down to find the video production company that is right for you? What are the questions you need to ask as you interview potential candidates? Today, we aim to aid you in your search by providing you with 15 things to look for when choosing a video production company.

The video production company you hire will be largely responsible for either the success or failure of the content you create. Choosing the right company will ensure that your investment in creating this film is worthwhile.

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Choosing a Video Production Company

There are many factors to consider while hiring a Tulsa video production company. However, these visual elements are often distracting. Things like the demo reel or the impressive website can distract from the things that really matter. There are many other, possibly more important, things to consider while you are choosing which video production company to hire for your next project.

Quality of Video Production

When you are hiring a video production company, the quality of their work should speak for itself. If you are not impressed with what you see, it is highly likely that you will not be pleased with the final results of your project. The quality of a produced video is affected by both the video and editing equipment used. The experience level of those working on the project will also affect the quality of your video.

Client References and Reviews

As with anything, it is always wise to seek out client references and reviews. Ask your friends and colleagues if they have a video production company they have enjoyed working with. Take time to read the online reviews of several production companies in your area. Doing so will give you a good idea of the type of company you are interested in hiring. Is their customer satisfaction rate high? This is a good sign that they are a great possible candidate for your next project.

Sharing a Common Vision

When you are working on a project with anyone, specifically a creatively-fueled project, it is beneficial for everyone involved to have a common vision. Working with a video production company that both understands and appreciates the message you want to send through your video will only provide more a more effective finished project. It is wise to discuss your vision for the video you wish to create during your consultation. During this time, you will get a good feel as to what their vision is for your project.

Well-Rounded Team

While choosing a Tulsa video production company, it is important to look for a company that provides you access to a well-rounded team. This includes someone with a bent for media marketing. This added benefit will give you direction on how to market your completed film. It may also include someone that specializes in the business side of things. Choosing a team with a well-rounded staff will guarantee that you are able to make the most of your investment in this project.


A common problem that is unfortunately found in many video production companies is a lack of professionalism. Although they may not run their company in the same way that a large corporation would, it is important that a video production company presents themselves as professionals. Many creatives lack the organization it requires to run a professional company. This will result in confusion and untimely delivery of your completed project. Save yourself some stress by choosing a video production company that acts as a professional company rather than as your neighborhood buddy.

Production Company Structure

Video production companies vary in the way they structure their team. It is important to discuss this with the company you are considering hiring. Is their team built of freelancers or is it comprised of a team that works together consistently? Hiring a video production company that has an organized company structure will ensure that you receive the best return on your investment.

Level of Experience

It may be tempting to choose a less experience production company based on the financial investment. However, choosing a video production company that is advanced in their craft will only be beneficial to you in the long run. It is important to have a project lead by a creative who has invested both time and money into bettering both themselves and their company.

Video Production Timeline

Is there a certain deadline you need to meet with your video? This is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a Tulsa video production company. It is important to discuss the production timeline in great detail before hiring a company. You should also discuss any potential setbacks or factors that may cause a delay in you receiving the completed video.

Clear Communication

Communication is key. This is especially true when it comes to creating something from scratch. Having a vision for a project in your head will only be beneficial if you can communicate it well to the team you are working with. In the same way, your project will only be a smashing success if the video production company you work with communicates just as well with you. Clear communication will allow you to avoid unnecessary conflict. It will also prevent potential delays in the production of your video.

Demo Reel vs. Portfolio

Video production companies are quick to display their demo reel. This is typically their best, most impressive work. However, unless you are looking to have special effects as a part of your micro-documentary, the demo reel isn’t very beneficial. After viewing their demo reel, ask if you can see a few projects in their portfolio that are similar to what you are hoping to create. Doing so will give you a better idea of what your potential project will look like. It is also important to ask if the team that worked on the portfolio is the team that is working on your specific project. An impressive portfolio will only benefit you if it was created by the team that will be producing your video as well. 

Cost of Investment

One of the first things to consider when choosing a video production company is your budget. Producing an original video, whether it be a short story or a commercial, is an investment in yourself or your business. Although the cost may tempt you to choose another option, be aware that a video is often the most powerful means of communicating with an audience. Especially when it is done right, your video has the potential to be the best investment you make. 

Video Production Company Equipment 

What equipment does the video production company regularly use? Do they use top of the line video equipment? Is it a hodge-podge of old pieces they have collected over the years? The quality of the equipment that is used to produce your video will greatly impact the final quality of the film. Choose a video production company that uses high-quality gear to maximize your investment.

Working Relationship

When you are hiring a video production company, it is important to choose a team w whom you can have a great working relationship. Choosing a video production company is hard work. Once you have a team that you work well with, creating videos will be a breeze. Hire a production company that you could work with for years to come. This will save you unnecessary work in the future.


Is the production team confident in your project? If they sound confused or unsure about any step of the process, you should likely choose to work with another team. Hiring a video production team that is confident that they can exceed your expectations will provide you with a finished video that will blow your mind. 

Ask Around

Don’t settle for the first production company you talk to! In fact, be sure to schedule a consultation with multiple video production companies before you make your final decision. Even if the first company seems like a perfect fit, talking to several other candidates will allow you the peace of mind that you made the best decision.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a video production company can feel like a daunting task. However, by asking the right questions before you make your decision, you will eliminate much stress during the creation of your video. A well-made video can have one of the greatest impacts on those who view it. Whether you aim to inspire with your micro-documentary or you wish to promote your latest and greatest product through a funny commercial, video will help you to do so much more effectively.

Related Questions

What does a video production company do? A video production company is responsible for bringing your vision to life. With their resources and training, they are able to create a video from concept to completion. A video production company is capable of filming many types of videos. These include micro-documentaries, commercials, music videos, event filming, training videos, corporate conventions, and much more.

Can a video production company film my special event? Yes! Many video production companies specialize in special event videography. Large corporate seminars, parties and celebrations, and even weddings are all in the realm of possibilities. A video production company will provide you with a finished product that you are proud to show off.